Arm Workout Video Pt 1: Bodyweight and Bands Combo

Wednesday, May 26th 2010

This home gym workout on The Atlas Unit is a bodyweight exercise and resistance band exercise combo sequence.

These are the 9 exercises shown in the video:

1 – Reverse Grip/Close Grip Pull-Ups on Thick-Grip Old-School Bar
2 – Right Angle Grip Tricep Push-Ups (Asymmetrical Variance, AV)
3 – Close-Grip Pull-Ups (AV)
4 – Tricep Dips, Full Bodyweight (Asymmetrical Variance, AV)
5 – Resistance Band Bicep Curls, Side to Side, from Low to High
6 – Overhead Tricep Extension w/ Resistance Bands
7- Resistance Band Curls with Palms Up
8 – Resistance Band Kickbacks w/ Palms Back, Bands Anchored Low
9 – AV Reverse Grip Pull-Ups

ALWAYS get clearance from your doctor before starting a new exercise program. Better to be safe – than sorry, right?

If the exercise sequence above is too easy try going through it again. You can also combine it with other exercises for your lower body – or even with upper body exercises for a longer workout session.

Training on The Atlas Home Gym Unit allows me to take full advantage of the muscle stimulation effects created by the synergistic combo of: Form, Tempo and Sequence in the exercise routines. So my fitness results are experienced in the shortest amount of time – with maximum safety and minimal risk of injury.

An exercise program focused on bodyweight training principles guides the body toward it’s potential in a natural way – as opposed to the high “wear and tear” methods of typical weight-training and isolation-type gym machines.

Training this way is realistic and sustainable for the long term – In other words – ‘for life’.

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