1 Key to Building Muscle for Men

Tuesday, September 28th 2010

In the last few weeks there seems to be a high interest coming from the men who are interested in building lean muscle mass. Hence, today’s article with some key insight on this topic…

The average man is always interested in gaining some more muscle while decreasing body-fat. BUT – they want the truth and the most direct path to getting this done – and keeping the results, permanently.

One of the key factors in making this happen is:


Now – there are many pages to write on this – but here is the gold nugget… You need thorough muscle-fiber stimulation in order to produce “muscular hypertrophy” (this is the academic/scientific term for muscle fiber growth).

Of course that sounds logical, and you may already know that… But here is what you might NOT know. Most “muscle building” routines DO NOT achieve complete and thorough MUSCLE-FIBER STIMULATION.

Your typical weights-and-machines routine is often a “cookie cutter” routine that almost everyone is doing. Kind of like “monkey see – monkey do”…

The big problem with these typical routines is, they don’t stimulate deep muscle-fiber recruitment.

In other words they only create a superficial layer of stimulation and even worse – they place dangerous overuse forces on the joints being used in the specific exercises. (physical therapists and chiropractors LOVE THAT – as these guys become steady patients for them).

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time – you already know I’m not a weights and machines type of guy – BUT can totally respect those who choose that route.

So – if you are trying to build rock solid muscle mass – and you are into the weights and machines, then you want to make sure your program creates Deep-Layer Muscle-Fiber Stimulation.

My friend, Nick, took himself from stick-thin runner to rock-solid muscle body by following a few simple, but often overlooked, principles of muscle physiology.

Before Building Muscle

Before Building Muscle

After Building Muscle

After Building Muscle

His before and after photos are truly amazing – and he’s even posted a freebie download to show you these 2 other principles. Here is the report (it’s a freebie as of now):
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Share this link with any other guys you know who may be struggling to build a respectably muscular physique - but share it soon as I would suppose Nick will not be offering that complimentary report for much longer.

Enjoy - and let Nick know I sent you... Here is the link to the FREEBIE report:
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Your trainer,

– Joey Atlas

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