3 Shoulder Exercises; A Total Shoulder Exercise Program

Tuesday, February 2nd 2010


3 Shoulder Exercises; A Total Shoulder Exercise Program

Form, Tempo and Sequence are your key variables that bring incredible synergy to these 3 Shoulder Exercises…

In this Shoulder Exercise Video You’ll go through a 3-exercise sequence with me. *Be sure to get medical clearance for exercise BEFORE you do this program.*

This 3-exercise, shoulder workout circuit can be done as a stand alone mini-workout or as part of a larger upper body training session.

If being used a stand alone workout session – You can repeat the 3-exercise sequence more than once – depending on your level of fitness ability – and goals. Or you can combine it with the other free upper body exercises and workout videos on this website – or in my complete, home, office and travel exercise programs for purchase (e-manuals, dvds, etc…)

Here are the 3 Shoulder Exercises:

1 – Rear Shoulder/Deltoid dumbbell raises (Abduction)

2 – Total Shoulder Circles: Parallel Press to Sky; Turns palms out; Draw 2 half circles with dumbbells; hands meet in bottom/start position

3 – Body-Weight Shoulder Press

In the video, I go through the exercise sequence once; After the video I go through it 4 more times; adjusting my weights and repetitions as needed. Depending on your level of fitness – You’ll adjust as needed as well.

As always – I remind you to get your doctor’s medical clearance for exercise before starting from scratch – or if you are unsure about your own physical ability. Better safe than sorry. Pay special attention to this warning if you have any history of shoulder injuries or surgeries.

After you’ve tried the shoulder workout – please post your feedback and comments below – and then please do share this workout video and blog post with anyone else you know who can benefit from this kind of helpful home, office and travel fitness information.

Your trainer for life – your trainer forever,

Joey Atlas

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